Warranty terms

The company will repair, free of charge, any malfunctions resulting from manufacturing or labor defects, within a period of one year from the date of purchase, taking into account the following:

  • The warranty does not cover damages resulting from wear and tear or misuse. Wear and tear refers to the number of hours or the environment in which the device has been used as this affects the engine pads, switches, throttles, clutches, gear housings, carbon deposits, cases or bit holders, instrument housings, wires and cables, rubber parts and accessories (such as batteries). Chargers, protectors, flanges like those used in grinders, etc.).
  • The guarantee is void when the devices are repaired in other than approved repair centers
  • The guarantee is void if the power cord (the block) is cut.
  • The warranty does not include the repair of the truck and the battery for chargers
  • Warranty does not include laser devices

It also does not include:

  • Falls or strong shocks
  • Penetration of foreign objects (such as nails, screws, etc.)
  • Using the device for other than its intended use
  • No modification to the device
  • Prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions
  • Using the wrong voltages
  • Using the wrong accessories or accessories
  • Lack of maintenance required (especially hammers) Use of wrong grease
  • Not using the original spare parts in the repair
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